Tell us about you ?
My name is Mathieu Le Vaillant, I live in Rennes and I am 20. I am currently studying Engineering at INSA in Rennes.

When did you start Stand Up Paddling?
I started at the beginning of last summer. Boris Jinvresse lent me a board so I could participate in the Morbihan Paddle Trophy and I really enjoyed doing it. After that I didn’t stop! I did it all summer.

What other sports do you enjoy doing?
I also Kayak with a club called Kayak de Saint Grégoire, my schedule at INSA gives me time for training with the club. I also used to do lots of windsurfing before I started kayaking.

Which is your preference SUP race, SUP surf or SUP rivers?
Sup race, I discovered that there are a lot of people who train all over Brittany. Recently I discovered Downwind in Brest, it’s great I ‘m hooked!

Why did you join the 3Bay Team?
I first met Patrice when I visited his workshop to see if he could fix my board, which I had really trashed. He said yes immediately!! A few weeks later he asked if I wanted to go to Annecy and do the Gla gla Race and try the first boards produced by 3Bay, it was fantastic.

Race Results so far

  • 1st à la Nantes Paddle Expérience
  • 3rd Paris SUP Crossing, catégorie Loisir
  • 1st Paris SUP Crossing, classe Naish One Design
  • 2nd de la Technical Race de la Glagla Race à Talloires 74

What are your goals for paddling in 2016 ?
My goal for the 2016 season is to participate in as many races as I can. I will do the French Cup races, the Morbihan Paddle Trophy as well as the many races in Brittany and around France!